Welcome Hawking Bird

Hi! Welcome to Barbakan.
We are a casual restaurant focused on best food, great jazz and awesome cathering. Our spot is easy, chill and fun.


02/3075-093, 078/366-158



Monday - Friday: 08:00 - 24:00

Saturdays: 12:00 - 24:00

( exceptions to some major holidays )

Fun facts

Fun facts

The Bar is your friend. Some days, we have campaigns: Everything you order at the bar , comes with 50% discount.

All of our packaging is 100% compostable just in case you are on the go. We are ready for you.

Our meet is state of the art. If you taste it once, you'll fall in love. That simple.

When we have live music, the bar is full. Great Jazz. Urban people.

Being at the right place, at the right time, surrounded by urban people, could be your restaurant routine.

When regular working day, great opportunity for BUSINESS
Relaxed and calm.

About catering, our priority is to understand your needs and taste parameters, combining Italian food freshness with asian egotistic


Did you know our cathering is best in town?!?

Yep. Give us call

Do we do online ordering and delivery?

Yes, we are partners with kliknijadi.mk/. Please click on the link.

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Do we have live music?

Yes, of course. Usually, chill JAZZ ♪♫♬ on stage. After parties every friday are regular thing at Barbakan. Don't miss it. Saturday's nights are also days with live band.

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catering 078/366-158

Our priority is to understand your needs and taste parameters. Our chiefs are combining Italian food freshness with asian egotistic. No matter if you are at the Barbakan restaurant, or you will call our cathering service, Chef Hari and the team are well trained to create best menu for you, for all type of occasion representing your personal style and taste.


On the other hand, the presentation itself has highest priority here at Barbakan. We enjoy the food first with our eyes, and then taste it. Apart of the facts everything is tasty, actually it looks great and attractive. We give accent to freshly chosen products from the region.